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Healing with Paz

Heal. Transform. Empower.

As an Alternative Healthcare professional, I help people like you, claim their power and overcome physical and emotional blocks by healing the core wounds and limiting beliefs operating at the root of the problem.

I use Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), an extremely powerful, multi-award-winning hypnotherapy technique that allows you to experience MASSIVE transformation in just 1-3 sessions (coupled with listening to your audio recording for 30 days). 


The hypnosis you will experience is a relaxing process where you remain conscious and in charge at all times. 


Sessions available and equally effective in person or

in the comfort of your own place via Zoom online video.

Are you struggling with grief,

addictions, phobias, anxiety, chronic pain, trauma, etc?

Have you tried other methods but the problem hasn't gone away?​

I Can Help You.

RTT was developed by the famous British psychotherapist and best-selling author, Marisa Peer. It produces extraordinary results by accessing the subconscious to change unwanted behavior, cutting out the need for hours of traditional therapy.

Real. Lasting. Positive. Unparalleled Results.

What People Say:

"I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression since I was 25 years old. I have good days and I have bad days. I made an appointment with Paz and it was literally life-changing..."

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Hi, I'm Paz

My job is to help YOU transform your issue quickly and naturally without medication, nasty side-effects, long hours of therapy or breaking the bank.

Whether you are struggling with relationships, career, physical ailments, emotional issues or mental blocks, I can help.


I know what it is to struggle. I know the pain, I've been there. I also know how to get out. RTT transformed my life by removing the blocks that were holding me back and upgrading my beliefs at the subconscious level. 

I'm a Certified RTT Practitioner in the greater San Mateo area.

With RTT:


Uncover and heal the core wounds associated with your issue hidden in the subconscious mind


Transform the limiting beliefs attached to those wounds to a new, healthy and positive mindset


Install empowering beliefs and thought patterns into the subconscious so you can show up Happier, Healthier and more Powerfully in your life!


Via hypnosis, I take you back to the root cause of your issue deeply hidden in the subconscious mind. Together, we uncover and work to eliminate the disempowering beliefs that caused your issue in the first place and transform them into a new positive mindset. Each session includes a personalized empowerment audio recording for you to listen to daily for 30 days to rewire your mind.

 60% of the Transformation comes from the session and 

 the other 40% from daily listening to your audio clip.


is nothing like what you've seen on TV where the hypnotist "controls the person's mind". That's myth and just for show. Hypnosis is science; it works by creating the slower, more relaxed brainwaves - Alpha & Theta - making your subconscious more open to suggestion and positive change. You are in control of your behavior at all times. 

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Disclaimer: The information, methods and techniques provided herein are not intended to substitute for medical, psychological or psychiatric diagnosis, care or advice nor to treat an illness. Always consult with your doctor about any specific medical conditions you may have and evaluating treatment alternatives. People with Epilepsy or diagnosed with a psychotic illness should not enter hypnosis.