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My Story

Hi, I'm Paz. I’m delighted you are here. Since I was a little girl I was passionate and naturally gifted at positively influencing and uplifting others. Before becoming an Alternative Healthcare (RTT) Practitioner, I was a Health & Wellness Coach for over a decade; enhancing people's lives teaching yoga, women’s self-defense, fitness, nutrition and meditation. I taught yoga internationally: Chile, Denmark, India. And as exciting as this sounds, I was unfulfilled.

I’d been searching for purpose my whole life, traveling the world, taking every self-development workshop, seminar and program to help me break free from the limiting beliefs that I knew were holding me back. 


I believed money and happiness weren't available to me and the program that consistently ran in the back of my mind, sabotaging every area of my life, was that I wasn't enough.

Through RTT, I was able to leave a dysfunctional marriage, resolve exhausting legal matters and start my own business while raising my little daughter single-handed. Not to mention breaking financial co-dependency with my father and becoming the loving mother I never had. I am now thrilled to be living my purpose. For the first time I am deeply fulfilled. I have transformed my pain into power and I am here to help YOU do the same.

I had the privilege of personally training with the founder of RTT, the famous British psychologist, Marisa Peer, whose method has transformed the lives of thousands of clients for over 30 years.

With warmth, authenticity and compassion, I'm here to help YOU take your power back and significantly improve the quality of your life. If you are reading this, you are ready! Let's get started...​