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What is RTT?

  • ​ A unique blend of Hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

  • A multi-award-winning hybrid technique

  • Deals with the root cause of the issue vs only managing symptoms

  • Developed by best-selling author, internationally renowned motivational speaker and Britain’s #1 therapist, Marisa Peer

  • Won 13 awards in 6 months


  • Upgrades your beliefs at the subconscious level 

  • Offers extraordinary results in just 1-3 sessions 

In hypnosis, you will remain conscious and in control at all times. We may access emotionally painful memories. This is a good thing! It is part of the healing process. You will be safe and supported throughout the session.

What happens in the session?

  • We use hypnosis to find the root cause of your problem

  • We draw out "unfinished business" and gently release trauma

  • We make sense of and transform the program or belief responsible for your issue

  • We install new, empowering beliefs into the subconscious​ to create new behavior

  • You receive a personalized audio clip to listen to daily for 30 days to support your new programming​

RTT is endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the National and International Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Association of Complementary Therapists, the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and many other International bodies.